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Pinellas Park Back Pain Treatment

Pinellas Park Back Pain Treatment

Have you experienced an ache in your back? You aren’t alone. As one of the most common health problems among American adults, back pain can truly impact your day-to-day life. A sore back is more than a mere nuisance. The pain can be severe and be accompanied by stiffness, limited mobility, numbness, and more. That’s why you should have your pain evaluated by a knowledgeable chiropractor. Maximum Health Clinic of Chiropractic is committed to helping our patients feel their best. Learn more about our Pinellas Park back pain treatment today. 

What Causes Back Pain?

If you’re feeling that familiar soreness in your lower back, you likely are wondering what’s triggering the discomfort. Back pain has many potential causes, and in some cases, a specific cause is never found. Maximum Health Clinic of Chiropractic has worked with countless clients dealing with back pain. Many of our patients have back pain due to the following: 

  • Muscle Strains. If you have a career or hobby that involves repeated movements in your back, the muscles can become strained as a result. Injuries and heavy lifting are common causes of back pain, especially in physically laborious jobs as well as in athletes. This is especially true for people in poor physical condition since they may be at a higher risk of muscle spasms. 
  • Herniated Disk. Our spines are made up of many bones that are cushioned by soft tissues in between each disk. When these soft tissues become forcefully dislodged, the ruptured disk can push against nearby nerves and cause intense pain. While it’s possible to have a herniated disk without back pain, most patients have some symptoms including numbness and tingling that radiates. 
  • Arthritis. Osteoarthritis that affects the spine can lead to lower back pain. If the spinal cord narrows, it can develop into a condition known as spinal stenosis. 
  • Osteoporosis. Bones can become brittle due to osteoporosis, a condition caused by bone loss. When this condition affects the spine, it can cause weakness and pain in the back.  

There are many other potential causes of back pain related to lifestyle factors, such as poor posture and sedentary activities. No matter what’s triggering your back pain, chiropractic is a highly effective treatment. A chiropractic adjustment can relieve inflammation, swelling, and stiffness generated by a sore back. Our natural procedures are highly effective and safe for people of all ages, so you’ll want to learn how to integrate chiropractic manipulation techniques into your wellness regimen. 

Chiropractic is one of the safest ways to manage back pain. Before resorting to surgery and other invasive treatments, talk to our chiropractors about our holistic services. Many patients find success through an integrative wellness regimen that promotes healthier living in their everyday lives. At our office, you’ll enjoy effective treatments that eliminate pain and get you on your feet again. 

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Back pain can be tough to deal with, but relief is available at Maximum Health Clinic of Chiropractic. Contact our team to learn more about our Pinellas Park back pain treatment.

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